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Anderes Sehen e.V. is a German NPO to rethink blindness

Portrait Ellen Schweizer und Steffen Zimmermann

Foto: © Mara von Kummer | maravonkummer.com

We are a groundbreaking NPO working for disruptive innovation in the field of tools and education for the blind. Anderes Sehen (which means „a different way of seeing“), was founded in April 2011 by parents of a blind child – Ellen Schweizer and Steffen Zimmermann. Anderes Sehen was the first organization in Germany specialized on the support of blind children in the age from birth to 10. We claim that it is absolutely necessary to give already those little ones at least the same support as sighted children do receive. 

The Situation before

Actually blind children in Germany did not have a chance to learn to walk and navigate fearless by themselves due to the fact that they did not get white canes when learning to walk. Not surprisingly there were no white canes for kids available. Also there were no German books available for blind toddlers, preschoolers or reading beginners. No books with tactile images and Braille text in opposite to tens of thousands for sighted children. Also there was no knowledge or training of flash sonar (we call it Klicksonar) to the blind, which is a proven and well known technique to orientate and navigate through unknown terrain. It works by tongue clicking and „seeing“ the echo-image. Further there is a lack of trust in the possibilities of blind children which causes a restricted mobility and a low self-confidence in their later life.

Our Mission

Anderes Sehen helps to achieve that blind people can live a life without limitations from outside. We enable blind children to get early education and early self driven mobility. We convey a no limits attitude for the children and their parents.

Our Vision

With our view on blindness and blind people, with our work and products, with our conviction and passion, we will achieve a higher level of self-confidence and a higher quality of life for blind individuals. Societies‘ view on blind people will change through the normality of proud presence of blind people.

What We Do

Bei der Verleihung des SAMS Award sprechen Ellen Schweizer und Steffen Zimmermann über ihr Anliegen

Holding a speech at SAMS Award. Ellen Schweizer and Steffen Zimmermann about their work.

Our registered decorated charity as we as designers work hard for the enhancement of products, mobility and education of blind and visually impaired people, especially children, as well as being a political voice for them.

In order to achieve those goals we invented the first high end children’s white cane and gave it to blind children for free. Meanwhile it is listed by the health insurances as a proven tool so they pay for it. We produced already 10 wonderful tactile illustrated books for blind and sighted children and sell them – thanks to donations – for only a quarter of the production costs. These books set a new standard worldwide. We organize and give trainings for blind children, parents, teachers and even professional mobility trainers for a low rate or even for free. We are well known in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for promoting and teaching an higher level of echolocation which we call Klicksonar (flash sonar) as a powerful means of orientation in addition to the white cane. We send out information, do political work, opinion making and lobbying. And we provide a website with a huge knowledge base for families, organizations and teachers.

The People behind Anderes Sehen

Ellen Schweizer is graphic-designer. Due to her experience with the creation and production of her heart project »Books For All« she is an expert in that field. She is a speaker and consulter and hands on designer on inclusion and inclusive products, packaging and exhibitions — an inclusive designer. You are welcome to contact her via schweizer[at]anderes-sehen.de

Steffen Zimmermann is designer, marketing and communication expert with accessibility for all in mind. He is a product developer, innovator and thinker. He is the moving spirit behind innovative developments like Klicksonar (flash sonar), children’s canes and other scientific and technical products for the blind. You are welcome to contact him via zimmermann[at]anderes-sehen.de

Please consider us with your support and donation

Banking and Donation information:

Anderes Sehen e.V.
GLS Bank
IBAN: DE89430609671132636400

Donations can easily be sent online via our partner betterplace.org/p8436

Anderes Sehen e.V. is a non profit organization approved for the purpose »Facilitation of the help for the handicapped (§ 52 para. 2 Line 1 Nr.(n) 10 AO)« and is authorized to hand out donation confirmations as requested by § 50 para. 1 EStDV.

Anderes Sehen’s tax number is 27/660/63307 at the „Finanzamt für Körperschaften I Berlin“

Postal and visitors address:

Anderes Sehen e.V.
Support for blind children
Zionskirchstrasse 73
10119 Berlin


Board: Steffen Zimmermann, Ellen Schweizer
Registered at Amtsgericht Berlin-Charlottenburg under VR 31021 B

No Limits!

2 Antworten zu About us (in English)

  1. Benabed Bodmer Patricia sagt:

    Liebe Eltern
    Ganz toll, was Sie da machen. Wir leben in China. Unsere chinesischen Freunde haben einen blinden Jungen. Er ist 3 Jahre alt. Wie können wir ihnen am besten helfen?
    Herzliche Grüsse aus Xiamen
    Patricia und Urs

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